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Memory leak

Memory leak – when the Available MegaBytes (memory\% available Mbytes) for the system has exceeded the threshold, system performance may be significantly diminish, this results in low OS and applications performance. End users will usually complain about slow computer performance and you probably get a help-desk call like: ‘My computer is running slow’, or server is running slow.

Memory leaks can be caused by:

  • Too many applications running simultaneously on the computer.
  • An application may be leaking memory over time.

To view the history for the memory\% available Mbytes, start memory available Mbytes in performance monitor or event task manager\performance.

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Monitoring memory usage with powershell


Recently I discovered that some of my managed servers has a memory leak.

to find which of the 300+ servers are running out of memory,

I wrote a simple and useful Powershell script.

You can use this as a template and add more hardware or software sampling with the correct WMI classes.

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