How to build a simple setup program you’ve developed yourself.

Hi SysAdmin

Ever wanted to build your own executable software? or protect your credentials included in a script?

There are some tools on the market like ‘wise installation system’ that can do the job.

But there is also a nice and free solution from Microsoft, embedded in your OS.

IExpress is a wizard based tool that builds a simple setup program for software you’ve developed yourself.

You have to provide one or more files that make up your application,

and a configuration file that describes where these files are to be copied on the target

computer. Additionally you can define Registry entries that are to be made, and you

can designate a program or script that is to be run after the files are copied onto a target

computer to complete the installation.

IExpress then compresses all of this into a single executable (.EXE) file that you can distribute and run on other computers.

continue with the wizard…

Select what program or script you want to run.

Choose the file you want to run.

Save your .exe program file.

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