How to find the system uptime in Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008

Hi SysAdmins

It is very useful to know how many days are your system up and online. Especialy in windows OS.

There are several ways to find the system uptime in Windows XP and above:

Using Systeminfo command:

This command-line utility shows the time that the system was booted and its running time.

To use  Systeminfo,

  • launch the command prompt “cmd” window (Start – Run, cmd) .
  • From the command prompt, type “systeminfo“ and hit enter. This will display various system info including the “System boot time”:

SystemUp Time

Using “net statistics” command

From the command prompt run, the following command:

net statistics workstation

This will  show the system statistics:

net statistics

The uptime.exe Tool

Microsoft has a tool that works on any OS from Windows NT 4.0 sp 4 and above.

You can download uptime.exe from here.


More info from Microsoft here.

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