The Silent Ping Command

The “Silent Ping” Command is a sort of improvement for the well known ping command.

So, why do we need it?

When you reboot a serve or PC remotely, you can never be sure when it was booted again or when it is online again,

Most people use the ping command with the -t parameter to check if a server is online again.

But what if you could know exactly when a server is up again or even simply monitor a server when it goes offline over the night,

Or if a communication error occurs that cause some kind of service outage.

the sping script-command enable you to see exactly when a server went down, just with a simple use of the ping command.

Usage: sping [IP Address/HostName]


To download the SPING utility, Click HERE and copy the code to .txt file. Save the file as sping.bat

Run the utility like this: sping <ip address>

ping -t command with CTRL+Break  

One more feature that most system administrators doesn’t know of:

When you use the ping -t command, you can use CTRL+Break combination keys while the command executes.

This will show you a summary statistics of the command:


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