0x8007052e error in task scheduler

0x8007052e error in task scheduler

Symptom: You get 0x8007052e error when trying to run scheduled task from task scheduler.

There can be several causes for this including authentication problem like bad password.

But I did not easily find documented online records for this error being caused by a group policy, so I think this post might help you – system admins.

so if nothing else helps, look at this solution for the annoying error.

the error can be caused by the pollicy: Network access: Do not allow storage of passwords and credentials for network authentication

you need to change the policy to Disabled in order to fix this issue.

task sched disable gpo

As you can read on Technet, This security setting determines whether Credential Manager saves passwords and credentials for later use.

Other solutions can be just to update the password you entered in task scheduler or check that the user running the task has sufficient privileges to perform operations on the workstation or server.

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