Prerequisites for SCCM 2012 sp1 Operating System Deployment

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What are the prerequisites for sccm 2012 sp1 operating system deployment ?

Before you can jump into building OSD on SCCM 2012 you will need to prepare your environment.

You need to install and configure the following prerequisites before starting experimenting on OS Deployment.

  • Distribution point – stores OS images and content for the task sequence. You must have on if you intend to deploy images to a remote site.
  • WDS service – provides PXE services and multicast support. Install WDS from the server manager > add roles wizard.

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Workstation Upgrade Consideration Guide

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This guide will help you decide if adding more RAM, or upgrade the CPU will solve slow performance problems.

You can find out if memory or CPU upgrade is needed by configuring Performance Monitor to track memory and CPU usage.

You can then interpret the results and decide whether upgrade will improve the performance.

Use this guide before adding more RAM or upgrading CPU to a system with slow performance.

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Copy files to Remote computers using powershell

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In an earlier post I described – How to copy files to domain member computers or servers using Group Policy Object (GPO).

In this post I will show how to copy files to remote computers or servers using a simple Powershell script and .txt file.


All you need is:

A txt file that looks like this:
and so on…

You can use IP addresses as well.

And this piece of Powershell code:

$ServerList = Get-Content "C:\ServersList.txt" #Change this to location of servers list
$SourceFileLocation =  #For example: D:\FoldertoCopy\ or D:\file.txt
$Destination =  #Example: C$\temp

foreach ($_ in $ServerList)
 {Copy-Item $SourceFileLocation -Destination \\$_\$Destination -Recurse -PassThru}

Save the above code as CopyFilestoservers.ps1, and your servers list as ServersList.txt

You will need Write permissions on the remote machines to run the script successfully.

How to Install SCCM 2012 sp1

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In this post I will go through the process of installing a SCCM 2012 sp1 server.

If you haven’t done so yet, please read my post about SCCM 2012 SP1 Installation Preparation.

This installation is good for lab or production environment.

We all know the power of Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager. Microsoft invested many efforts in this new edition of SCCM.

Forget about the old mmc 3 snap-in and get ready for a new experience and features.

In this tutorial I assume you already prepared the prerequisites for the installation.

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How to Retrieve a Password of an Application Pool User in IIS 6

Today I needed to set a SPN for a IIS application. I discovered that I lost the password of the user account which I need to configure on the application pool.

Luckily, there is a way to retrieve/decrypt the password if it is configured on an existing Application Pool.

This is done by using a Microsoft tool on the IIS server – adsutil.vbs.

Here are 5 simple steps to do this:

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Create a Shortcut to Windows Explorer Objects Using CLSID

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CLSID stands for Windows Class Identifiers, which are  long number that represents a unique id for an application component.

CLSIDs can be used to target application component without knowing their name.

If we want to create a shortcut to a location in a computer without stating its name, we can use CLSIDs.

Lets say that you want to set the windows explorer start-up folder in windows 7 to open up My Computer.

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The Silent Ping Command

The “Silent Ping” Command is a sort of improvement for the well known ping command.

So, why do we need it?

When you reboot a serve or PC remotely, you can never be sure when it was booted again or when it is online again,

Most people use the ping command with the -t parameter to check if a server is online again.

But what if you could know exactly when a server is up again or even simply monitor a server when it goes offline over the night,

Or if a communication error occurs that cause some kind of service outage.

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Create multiple site boundaries in sccm 2007

Hi Again

Recently I was puzzled by a tedious task. I needed to create 300+ site boundaries in SCCM 2007.

Obviously this task should be automated by some kind of a tool. but Microsoft doesn’t give such a tool.

So I searched the internet and found a nice script at this iste.

the script did not work at first so I modified it for my own needs to produce the needed result.

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