Some handy keyboard shortcuts (Very useful)

If you learn the small tricks that makes your daily work faster and more efficient, it will make you more productive.

Just spend a few minutes to memorize some of these shortcuts and you wouldn’t belive how you managed without it before.

Trust me on this.


CTRL+ arrow – jump through words in a sentence.

CTRL+SHIFT+ arrow – mark whole word.

CTRL+SHIFT+end – mark whole line.

CTRL+SHIFT+ESC – open task manager

Alt+Enter – displays properties of selected file.

Alt+ESC – browse windows in the order they were opened.

 Windows key+pause – open system properties.

Windows key+D – shows the desktop.

Windows key+SHIFT+D – returns windows to their original position.

Windows key+L – lock the computer.

Windows key+R – open run command.

Windows key+E – open windows explorer.

Windows key+F – open search window.

Windows key+plus(+) or minus(-) sign – opens the magnifier tool.

Windows key+number(1.2.3…) – open the window in the taskbar. Where 1 is the leftmost window in taskbar.

Windows key+up arrow – maximize a window.

Windows key+down arrow – minimize a window.

Windows key+left arrow – align window to left of the screen.

Windows key+left arrow – align window to right of the screen.

CTRL+N – opens a new window.

CTRL+SHIFT+N – create new folder.

CTRL+dot(.) – turn picture clockwise.

CTRL+comma(,) – turn picture counter-clockwise.

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