SCCM 2012 Client installation fails with error code 8004100E

Hi SysAdmins

In this post I want to show a solution for a  SCCM 2012 sp1 client installation problem which I met over my daily routine work.

The Problem:

You try to Install a SCCM client on a remote XP-sp3 machine, and the installation fails. In ccmsetup.log  you see the following:

MSI: Setup was unable to compile the file DiscoveryStatus.mof error code is 8004100E.

error 8004100E

The Cause:

Probably a corrupted .mof file on the client machine.

The Remedy:

To resolve this problem, run the following commands on the client machine:

mofcomp C:\Program Files\Microsoft Policy Platform\SchemaNamespaces.mof

And then run:

mofcomp C:\Program Files\Microsoft Policy Platform\ExtendedStatus.mof

I hope this has been helpful for you,


10 thoughts on “SCCM 2012 Client installation fails with error code 8004100E”

  1. Also you can get this if you just need to reboot your PC or join it to the domain :$ :(

    Thanks for the help!

  2. I am getting that error code for windows 7 system …
    Does that command work for windows7….???

  3. Great post, helped us a lot had this problem on some of our older Windows Server 2003 R2 servers in our sccm 2012 R2 Environment.

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