How to Add Hebrew to Powershell or Command (CMD) Console

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Did you ever ran into a situation where you need to add a foreign language to the powershell or Command console? let’s say for script output purpose.

It seems that the process of adding Non-Latin characters is not widely documented.

In this example I will demonstrate how to add Hebrew writing to Powershell. This will also affect the Command (CMD) console.

1. Open regedit.exe and navigate to this location:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Console\TrueTypeFont

2. Occasionally you will see two values named 0 and 00.

Add a third String Value and name it: 000 (Zero three times).

3. In this new 000 String Value, enter ‘Courier New‘ (case sensitive without the ‘ backticks marks) in the Value Data field.

Powershell Hebrew5

Powershell Hebrew4

4. Now open Powershell (this work for CMD as well) and go to properties: Left click on top left Powershell icon and select properties.

5. Go to ‘Font’ tab and select the Courier New font:

Powershell Hebrew2

Now you should see Hebrew when you switch to Hebrew writing (backwards view). This enables you to send output Hebrew writing from a script for instance, into the Powershell console.

Powershell Hebrew3

7 thoughts on “How to Add Hebrew to Powershell or Command (CMD) Console”

  1. This issue was driving me nuts, so big thanks for the information.

    I want to note that I was using VScode as an IDE and even with this fix it still didn’t work.

    I then switched to PS ISE and it did the trick and worked great.

    Thanks again

  2. First off – thanks :)
    Second – is there a way to show Hebrew in a non-backward way?

      1. Thanks for the link.
        However – it’s just the same process as the original answer.

        My problem is when I list the content of a directory (e.g. by a “dir” command), I see the output written backwards.
        That’s what I want to fix…


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