Create multiple site boundaries in sccm 2007

Hi Again

Recently I was puzzled by a tedious task. I needed to create 300+ site boundaries in SCCM 2007.

Obviously this task should be automated by some kind of a tool. but Microsoft doesn’t give such a tool.

So I searched the internet and found a nice script at this iste.

the script did not work at first so I modified it for my own needs to produce the needed result.

BEWARE – DO NOT run the script with the same input in ‘siteboundaries.txt’ multiple times or create the same boundaries in siteboundaries.txt multiple times. this will create duplicate boundaries in SCCM console which can cause problems afterwards with package deployment.

You just need to add the list of boundaries as described below to your siteboundaries.txt file: <starting IP-ending IP>,IP Ranges,<description>,<0 for fast or 1 for slow>,<site code>

For example:,IP Ranges,BOUNDARY1,0,TSC

You can download the script from here: .SetupSiteBoundaries

Remember to change SetupSiteBoundaries.vbs.txt to SetupSiteBoundaries.vbs. Also included is the siteboundaries.txt file with an example.



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